Hell’s Kitchen 7 Episode 1 : Who was kicked off June 1, 2010

Hell’s Kitchen season 7 premiere airs June 1, 2010.  16 contestants will be competing on the seventh season of Hell’s Kitchen. Chef Ramsay will be introducing himself to the contestants and will be announcing their first task and divide them into two teams.  At the end, there might be one or two who gets eliminated like before.  Who will be the first one to be kicked off?

Hell’s Kitchen season 7 contestants:


  • Autumn Lewes; 29; personal chef
  • Fran Klier; 44; catering chef
  • Holli Ugalde; 24; banquet chef
  • Jamie Bisoulis; 26; sous chef
  • Maria Torrisi; 24; kitchen supervisor
  • Nilka Hendricks; 28; line cook
  • Siobhan Allgood; 25; pub executive chef


  • Andrew Forester; 28; farmer
  • Benjamin Knack; 33; culinary instructor
  • Ed Battaglia; 28; high school cooking teacher
  • Jason Ellis; 37; personal chef
  • Jay Santos; 32; executive chef
  • Mikey Termini; 29; line cook
  • Salvatore Coppola; 35; pizzeria chef
  • Scott Hawley; 32; executive chef

Find out who gets eliminated in Hell’s Kitchen June 1, 2010.  Check back this post for the results!


The RED team lost so one must be eliminated.  Fran and Stacey were in the bottom two and at the end, it was Stacey who was the first to be sent home in Hell’s Kitchen season 7.

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