Hell’s Kitchen 7 Episode 2 : Who was kicked off June 8, 2010

It’s the second episode of Hell’s Kitchen 7 airing June 8, 2010.  The teams are going to face another challenge this 6/8/2010 in Hell’s Kitchen season 7.  With Stacey eliminated last week in Hell’s Kitchen 7 premiere, only seven remains in the Red Team. Will it be from the said team where the next contestant gets eliminated June 8th in Hell’s Kitchen 7?

The challenge this week is that the teams will be tasked to prepare eggs in four different ways, and the team to cook the most eggs properly will win a helicopter ride over Los Angeles.

Who will be the winning team?  Who will lose the challenge and be in danger of getting kicked off?

The one who gets kicked off will be posted here.  Please check back for the results of Hell’s Kitchen June 8, 2010.

Update:  Mikey Termini was eliminated by Chef Ramsay.  His reason – “Mikey was all about appearances. Unfortunately, it didn’t appear he could cook.”

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