Hell’s Kitchen April 16, 2013 Who was kicked off 4/16/13 Results

We were left with a cliff hanger again last week and tonight, we’ll find out what will happen to the four nominated chefs. They were asked to take off their jackets, but for sure, these four won’t be eliminated but Chef Ramsay he’s about todo something that’s never been done before on the show. What could it be? Most likely these nominees get another chance and one one was eliminated at the first part. Would you agree?

Award winning chef Martin Yan will be the guest judge for tonight during the first challenge, in which the remaining contestants must create six stunning Chinese dishes. The winning team will get a day in the sun on the paintball field as their reward. The losing team will prepare dimsum dishes for dinner service.

For the dinner service, Adam Shankman is one of the VIPs the red team will server. As expected, chefs will mess up his dinner order and he’s not amused.

For the blue team, Rex Lee is one of the the VIP guests. Like Adam, will he get annoyed?

Also, one team will disappoint one of them as a lamp gets dropped on the floor and another chef will overcook a fish.

Anyway, who will win the challenge and who will screw up the dinner service? Will the nominees from last week change?

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Update: Jessica gets eliminated! Details to follow…

Continuation of last week’s episode…

The four nominees were sent back in line, but they have to earn their jacket back or they are eliminated.


CHALLENGE – the chefs must make 6 stunning dishes. Over 200 fortune cookies are available and there is an ingredient in each cookie.

Chefs have 3 minutes to carry the fortune cookie up to the board with chopsticks.

Two from each team will man the board while the others put the ingredients on the board.

Red team – Ja’nel and Jacqueline man the board

Blue team – Dan and Ray man the board

Judge for the challenge – chef Martin Yan.

Challenge winner – Blue team. Dan & Ray got their jackets back as well. Their reward is they go under the sun for paint balls.



Red team’s guest – Adam shankman

Nedra and Mary got their jackets back.

Barret cooks raw shrimp

Susan has trouble with her lamb

Red team cooks raw halibut

Both teams lose the challenge


NOMINEES – Dan & Jessica


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