Hell’s Kitchen April 2, 2013 Who was kicked off 4/2/13 Results

It’s time to see Chef Ramsay gets mad or irritated once again as Hell’s Kitchen airs tonight. The 16 remaining contestants are going to compete once again for the team challenge and dinner service. Who will get kicked out of the kitchen tonight?

Danielle from the red team was the one who was eliminated last week. Even though she wasn’t one of the nominees, Chef Ramsay sent her home due to being the worst performer on her team. Will the one to go be one of the ladies again?

Anyway, the contestants’ palates will be put to the test on tonight’s team challenge. They will be identifying the type of protein used in five dishes which include a duck enchilada. The team that will complete the challenge in the least amount of time wins and as a reward, players of that team will get to sped it under the sun at a gorgeous beach house. The losing team will grid and mill grains to make bread from scratch.

For the dinner service or rather breakfast service, contestants will be preparing a hearty meal for emergency medical workers. Expect some mishaps once again as the chefs prepare food. Some won’t even know if the bun is soggy or not while some don’t know how to make pancakes.

Which team will be asked to nominate two members for elimination? Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for updates on tonight’s episode. Find out who are the nominees, who was asked to get back in line and who who gets eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen’s 4/2/13 results.

Update: No one is eliminated, yet since it’s TO BE CONTINUED.


– Jacqueline and Mary

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