Hell’s Kitchen April 23, 2013 Who was kicked off 4/23/13 Results

The episode starts fresh on Hell’s Kitchen tonight. What I mean is, after two weeks of cliffhangers, finally, the episode starts without a continuation from the previous episode.

Last week was the show’s first, in which the four nominees for elimination were given another chance to get their jackets back and not one of them was sent home and it was Jessica who was asked to take off her jacket at the end.

Tonight, there’s going to be a petting zoo on the show as it’s farm to table on family night tonight. The 14 remaining chefs will be doing the farm fresh challenge and the dinner service’s theme is family night.

For the farm fresh challenge, each member fro the red and blue teams must enter an animal pen to know which type of protein they will cook in the team challenge. The judge for this challenge is Chef Jon Shook of Animal and Son alongside Chef Ramsay. The winning team will go on a VIP trip to an aquarium while the losing team stays behind to clean and feed the animals.

For the dinner service, contestants must impress not only the regular customers, but Chef Ramsay’s family as well. One team will rise above the other team, though still expect it to be a not so great dinner service.

Who wins the farm fresh challenge and who loses the dinner service?

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Update: Dan got eliminated! 

FARM CHALLENGE – one member from each team must go inside the pen with the animals and take one then place it in another cage. The animals they get into the cage will determine the protein they will work with. The label on the cage will determine the starch.

The contestants will have 40 minutes with the proteins they got and the starches. They must come up with an amazing dish. Out of 7 dishes made, only 5 can be presented.

John Shook is the guest judge.

WINNING TEAM – Red Team. Janelle had the best dish. The ladies get to spend a day on a VIP trip to Aquarium of the Pacific.


FAMILY DINNER SERVICE – The chef’s children are in the dining room, in the blue team’s kitchen.

Blue team burns the pizza.

Red team’s scallops are rubbery.

Ray’s cheeseburger is cold.

Barret servers raw lamb.

Red team helps the blue team after they are finished with their last ticket.

Barret’s chicken is not cooked.

Blue team lost the dinner service.



Barret and Dan



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