Hell’s Kitchen April 30, 2013 Who was kicked off 4/30/13 Results

Tonight is the eighth episode of Hell’s Kitchen 2013. New challenges await the thirteen remaining chef-testants. Who will be the next to be eliminated at the end of the episode?

It was Family Night last week on the show and Chef Ramsay’s family was in attendance. Both teams had a decent run on the appetizers while the entrees was a bit of a disaster. The red team helped the blue team after they were finished serving their dishes. At the end, the blue team lost and nominated Dan and Barret then Dan got eliminated.

Tonight, the drama and the cooking continues as the remaining chefs tackle new challenges. For the first challenge, teams will be creating five beautiful steak dishes. Each team member will select one cut of meat and go head-to-head with an opposing team member. The team who wins will get a day in the sun and poolside pampering.

For the dinner service, the theme is “Steak Night”. Expect the service to have a rocky start when one diner find an unpleasant surprise in her dish. Is it a cockroach, a fly, or something?

Tempers will flare during another elimination round. Who will be the nominees and for what reason are they nominated?

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Update: Jacqueline got eliminated!

Tonight is steak night. First challenge is for the contestants to take a steak and enhance their meat with a rub.

The contestants must create their custom rub and they have 30 minutes to cook a medium rare steak.


Quarterhouse – Cindy vs John – John wins

Filet Mignon – Nedra vs Zack – Nedra & Zack both win

New York Strip – Amanda vs Michael – no one wins

Steak – Anthony vs Jacqueline – both win

Hanger Steak  – Janelle vs Barret – Janelle wins

Rib Eye – Mary vs Ray – Mary wins


CHALLENGE WINNER – Red team. The ladies get to spend their day by the pool plus manicures and pedicures.



Susan and Zack serve table side

As expected, the guys mess up.

Barret fries crab cakes but no one ordered any

Over at the red team, Mary brought her sliders up and a customer find a hair in the sliders and sent it back.

The red team serves raw steak. Their filet Mignon is raw and cold.

The girls Amanda, Cyndi and Nedra got thrown out of the kitchen.


Blue team wins the dinner service. Thus, the red team has to nominate two from their team.


NOMINEES – Amanda and Jacqueline

ELIMINATED – Jacqueline

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