Hell’s Kitchen April 9, 2013 Who was kicked off 4/9/13 Results

Last week’s episode continues tonight in Hell’s Kitchen 2013. The sixteen remaining chefs will become fifteen at the start of tonight’s episode and another one might possibly leave at the end of the episode, making our chefs to fourteen. Who’s going to be sent home by Chef Ramsay tonight?

We were left with a cliffhanger last week. The red team lost the challenge so they nominated two members from their team – Jacqueline and Mary. Jacqueline was nominated because of her pancakes and pink chicken scandal from last week’s dinner service. The team also nominated Mary after Nedra got mad at her team for putting her up for elimination. However, these two are safe since Chef Ramsay sent them back in line. So who’s leaving then?

Meanwhile, tonight’s episode is the 150th episode of Hell’s Kitchen, a milestone for the show. Will it be as interesting or exciting as the previous episodes? What will make this 150th episode memorable?

Chef Ramsay will make an unexpected decision that changes the competition for good. What will his decision be? Then, at the dinner service, one chef from each team will assist the wait staff during dinner service. The dinner service will be at a virtual standstill because of these chefs/servers as they send illegible tickets to the kitchen.

Then after the dinner service, another two contestants will be nominated for elimination. Who among the remaining ones will be nominated?

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Update: Jeremy was eliminated.

Jeremy was eliminated at the first part of the episode.


– Mary’s period is late, so she took a pregnancy test, which turned out negative.



– Server from the blue team – Barret

– Server from the red team – Jessica

– Ray served an overcooked scallops

– Barret’s handwriting is illegible, making Dan and Ray made wrong items.

– Mary makes raw pork

– A couple of cheftestants were thrown out of the kitchen



– Dan and Ray from the Blue team

– Mary and Nedra from the Red team


The next chef to be eliminated will be revealed next week…

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