Hell’s Kitchen August 13, 2012 Who was kicked off 8/13/12 Results

After two weeks of hiatus, Hell’s Kitchen is back with an all new episode. Are you excited to watch the show tonight? In the last episode we’ve watched, the top 6 have been announced and they are Barbie, Christina, Dana, Clemenza, Justin and Robyn. What do you think of the final 6? Did Chef Ramsay make it right?

The show will air with a new schedule tonight, by the way since Gordon Ramsay’s new show “Hotel Hell” premieres tonight. Thus, Hell’s Kitchen will air from 9pm to 10pm every Monday.

Anyway, tonight, the competition gets more intense as the chefs face a new challenge. The chefs will get a blast from the past as they will be facing against former Hell’s Kitchen runners-up during the dinner service. Who will be able to keep up and who won’t be able to take the heat of the competition?

The contestants are off to a bad start at the service as Robyn makes a dry Caesar salad. She was asked to do it again but will Chef Ramsay accept it this time?

Meanwhile, when Chef Ramsay asked how long to prepare a couple of dishes, Barbie says 5 minutes while Dana says 9 minutes. Then when asked how long to prepare a wellington, Dana says 8 minutes while Barbie says 8 minutes and a half. Seems like Dana wants to do it all. Thus, Chef Ramsay tells her to ask for help, specifically from Clemenza and Robyn. However, Dana says she don’t want them from her station as she doesn’t trust their skills. What will Chef Ramsay do?

The current chefs aren’t threatened saying the kitchen is their house now, but will they win the ultimate dinner service?

Only five might remain at the end of the episode tonight. Who among the final 6 won’t make it to the next round?

Again, results of the show tonight will be provided. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook while waiting for it. Find out who got eliminated from the final 6 on Hell’s Kitchen’s August 13, 2012 episode.

Update: Robyn has been eliminated! Details will be posted later!

First challenge – the final 6 are grouped into three teams of two chefs each. They must recreate Chef Ramsays signature dish. The chefs are presented a dish and they are going to make it even if they don’t know what it is.

The teams are the following and what they used for their dish

Clemenza and Dana – veal, prosciutto, white bean, horseradish and madeira

Justin and Barbie – veal, serrano, smoked bacon, white bean and port

Christina and Robyn, veal, serrano, smoked bacon, white bean and port

Clemenza and Dana win the challenge. Their reward is to eat picnic food at Silverwood Lake & each ride a jet ski.



Final 6 vs former Hell’s Kitchen runners-up Russell Kook II, Jay Santos, Kevin Cottle, Paula DaSilva, Bonnie Muirhead and Virginia Dalbeck.


Challenge winner – former Hell’s Kitchen runners-up


Nominees – Clemenza and Robyn

Robyn was eliminated.



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  1. I was not able to watch the show last night due to Fox and Direct TV are at war again. Please do not give the results away. I was trying to watch the show on the computer, but, can not find it.

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