Hell’s Kitchen August 15, 2011 Who was kicked off 8/15/11 Results

Hell’s Kitchen August 15, 2011, nine chefs remain, five from the blue team and four from red the team. The competition gets heated up as the show continues on the next episode. The one we thought who will be sent home was sent home so we can’t predict who’s going to be next. Have any guesses on who gets kicked off in Hell’s Kitchen 8/15/11 results?

Last week, The chefs were asked to pick a leader and they were Jennifer and Will. Asked on who’s the weakest leader, Jennifer chose Carrie and Will chose Tommy. Red team on this challenge. During the dinner service, the Red team also won the challenge having the blue team picked contestants for elimination, selecting Natalie and Jonathon. The guy was sent home.

Who will be next? Could it be Natalie tonight if the Blue team lost or Carrie if the Red team lost? Updates on the show will be provided. Who will be taking of the jacket next? The chef who was kicked off on Hell’s Kitchen August 15, 2011 results will be posted.

UpdateJamie Gregorich was eliminated;

Red team wins the challenge

Nominees – Carrie and Elise

Chef Ramsay asked both back in line

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