Hell’s Kitchen August 2, 2011 Who was kicked off 8/2/11 Results

Hell’s Kitchen August 2, 2011 is where the top 12 compete. Continue to feel the heat tonight as the remaining chefs face new challenges. Who’s going to feel Chef Ramsay’s wrath? Who gets to be thrown out of the kitchen and who eventually gets kicked off Hell’s Kitchen 8/2/11?

Last night, the Blue team won the challenge again even if it ended with a tie and at the dinner service, everything seemed to be not in order. Kyupa, Gina and Elise were ejected from the kitchen and same with Monterray and Tommy. Thus, no winner on this challenge. Will it happen again tonight?

One of the challenges tonight will be preparing dinner for a high school reunion. Some could get in trouble again. The episode gets tensed again as Elise and Carrie argue about something. Meanwhile at the actual reunion dinner, Chef Ramsay gets angry again over a raw food while someone starts to act like a snotty teenager. Who could it be? Ir’s a trip down memory lane where no one wants to remember.

Who will win the challenge and dinner service? Who will be leaving? Will it be from the Red team again? Update on this episode will be provided. Know who was kicked off Hell’s Kitchen August 2, 2011 results.

Update: Monterray Keys was eliminated;

Red team wins first challenge

Paul and Jonathon got nominated

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