Hell’s Kitchen August 20, 2012 Who was kicked off 8/20/12 Results

Only five chefs remain on Hell’s Kitchen and tonight, from 9pm to 10pm, these chefs will be taking on new challenges as they get closer to being this season’s winner. Were you surprised on who’s remaining and didn’t expect that the top five are Clemenza, Justin, Dana, Christina and Barbie?

Anyway, the top five chefs will be come the teach during the first challenge on tonight’s episode. Chef Ramsay wants to know that this season’s winner doesn’t just know how to cook to his standards, but he or she must be able to teach others as well.

There will be five students and each chef must teach each of them to perfectly recreate one of his dishes by using only words instructing the student how to do it. The chefs must not touch any of the ingredients. Who is good in becoming a teacher?

Chef Ramsay is going to cook the chefs a comfort food which have chicken as the main dish. Dana is watching every step Chef Ramsay is doing since she knows they are being tested on it. Yes, they have to recreate it and Clemenza is pounding the chicken breast too big.

During the dinner service, Clemenza doesn’t listen and kept on preparing the appetizer, making Chef Ramsay thinks he’s not interested anymore.

Meanwhile, Barbie will be messing up with her risotto. Clemenza offers help but he won’t take the risotto when asked to give it since it’s a little watery. Is he going to be the one to leave the show this time? Who will be the nominees for elimination?

The results of what happened tonight will be posted. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook while waiting some updates. The top four and the chef got eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen’s August 20, 2012 episode will be here.

Update: Clemenza has been eliminated! Details will be posted later! 

First challenge – Cooking challenge. Chefs will be teaching five Miss Teen USA winners to do the cooking instead of them. The dish is chicken parmesan and the chefs must not use any utensil to help with the cooking. Here are the partners…

Christina – Katie Blair

Justin – Kamie Crawford

Dana – Allie Laforce

Barbie – Hilary Cruz

Clemenza – Stevi Perry

Challenge winner – Barbie

Barbie takes Justin with her for an Italian-inspired fun day as a reward. Hmmm, why didn’t she pick one of the girls instead?

Dinner service – Italian night

Clemenza pounded a chicken breast too much. Is he mad or something? lol! Meanwhile, Barbie made mistakes with the risotto a couple of times while Dana burnt the fillet and Christina forgot to season her garnish.

However, with that said, the nominees for tonight are Clemenza and Barbie.

Chef Ramsay decided to send Clemenza home.


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  1. I want Barbie to go home she a bitch tat acts like her shit dnt stink who names some 1 off a plastic doll hope blonde wins or wat ever the last Guy remaining!

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