Hell’s Kitchen August 22, 2011 Who was kicked off 8/22/11 Results

Hell’s Kitchen August 22, 2011 is this season’s episode 10. The number of members in each team are both four. The battle is on again for the remaining 8 chefs. Everyone seem to be pressure as the competition gets tough. Who will be the next to get kicked off Hell’s Kitchen 8/22/11? Results will be posted here during or after the two-hour episode.

It is going to be another explosive episode. A battle out of the kitchen is about to happen again, between Elise and Carrie and the sleeping giant Jennifer is about to be awakened. What will happen will surely affect their performance in the kitchen. Meanwhile for the Blue team, will they rise to the occasion or crash and burn? It’s could be the most explosive and nerve wracking episode of the show.

Will the Blue team win the dinner challenge again, forcing the Red team to nominate two chefs from their team? Our prediction on the other hand is that Red team will win and the one to be sent home could be Tommy. How about you?

Anyway, find out tonight as we provide updates on who was kicked off on Hell’s Kitchen August 22, 2011 results.

Update: Carrie Keep and Natalie Blake were eliminated;

5 thoughts on “Hell’s Kitchen August 22, 2011 Who was kicked off 8/22/11 Results

  1. so who got kicked off????
    all i remember they were al lthere and hten the next day only 3 girls from red team went to new york????

  2. wrong choices….the show is going the style of wwf…. not the chef of who needed to go home. Chef Ramsey is just picking people who dont bring passion to the kitchen but bring bad attitude and are good for ratings

  3. I agree with the previous comment. Ramsey makes the picks based on ratings and the most hated not the best talent. After all, most of the winners ion the past never complete one year in their dream job anyway. Also, Gordie does not want the audience to vote cause if they did Ms. Ghetto would be gone by now.

  4. That big mouth, no manners, self-aborbed Elise needs to go. She is a disgrace. What a moron. Yes, Ramsey keeps the most controversial just for ratings. I used to like the show….now, again, JUST REALITY TRASH. I hope it does not get picked up for another season, just like BIG BROTHER, and again, that stupid, adolescent Rachel….they keep her so people can watch her make an idiot of herself….REALITY T.V. STINKS

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