Hell’s Kitchen August 27, 2012 Who was kicked off 8/27/12 Results

The final four competes will take on new sets of challenges on tonight’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen. Last week, the chef’s teaching skills were put to test. Tonight, it’s their leadership skills that will be tested by Chef Ramsay. Being the head chef of course, requires not just cooking skills, but leadership skills as well. Who among them have what it takes to be a leader?

This leadership test will be during the dinner service, in which each of the final four gets a chance to direct their fellow chefs. If they think it’s just easy to command other chefs, well, they are mistaken. It’s not as easy as Chef Ramsay makes it look. Who will step up and who lacks leadership skills?

The first challenge tonight is make it or break it. Dana says there’s a lot of pressure, that if someone messes up, it’s nobody to blame but the one who messed up. Meanwhile, Barbie is not helping anyone in the team because it’s a challenge, according to her and she’s only focusing on herself.

Then, during dinner service, Dana is getting annoyed with Justin as he keeps on pressing her with a dish. Justin on the other hand, is getting irked with her as she doesn’t seem to care. It makes Chef Ramsay noticed it and tells her the big problem of the team is Dana’s time. He even tells her to go home if she’s given up. Will she be the one go home tonight?

Meanwhile, Barbie is confusing the other chefs as she commands while not looking at them. How will she fare as the leader?

Anyway, the results of tonight’s episode will be posted, as always. While waiting for updates, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook. The final three chefs and the one who got eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen’s August 27, 2012 episode will be provided. Any predictions?

Update: Barbie has been eliminated;


– Each chef will make their best dish and the judges will decide how much their dish should cost. Here are the cost of their dishes in average. Dana has been stalling with her cod.

Justin – $28.33

Barbie – $33.00

Dana – $34.00

Christina – $33.67

Dana wins the challenge! Her price is lunch with her parents…



– Dana is driving Chef Ramsay mad…but she did a good job

– Barbie’s turn – the chefs are confused since she’s not looking at them, but after that, she did pretty overall

– Christina’s turn – Dana burned a cod and need to redo it. She was told to run the brigade and not let them run her

– Justin as the head chef – Dana has been stalling as well.



21 thoughts on “Hell’s Kitchen August 27, 2012 Who was kicked off 8/27/12 Results

  1. I’m so pissed Dana should have when home!!!!! she was messing up on everyones turn to be head chef. couldn’t even cook fish without burning it. It should have been between justin and barbie.what is chief ramsay thinking i think he on drugs.

  2. Barbie should’ve been gone in episode one. I think they just kept her for the drama, she’s good for ratings. Everyone is gonna tune in and hope tonight’s the night she’s gone. Finally though, good riddance to bad trash!

  3. It figures! Ramsay will never let a woman of color run one of his restaurants. that Dana should have gone home a long time ago. I’m annoyed by her poor performances in the kitchen, overacting and showing off. For God’s sake, there’s no casting director there, so quit acting like you’re auditioning for a B-movie. Of course she’s white and blonde, so she will win.

  4. I happen to be rooting for Christina, but I wouldn’t have been disappointed if Barbie won. What I find disturbing are the comments against Barbie. I watched the episode and Barbie did a great job. Far better then Dana. And Kimmie better than Barbie? No way! Of course at this point, we’re getting to the end and even a good person will be sent home. But definitely Dana should have gone home before Barbie.

  5. I never thought Barbie should have been there as long as she was. She never was cooking just prepping for the majority of the season. I love it when people get to see thier family and then have to leave….cracks me up. lmbo

  6. Really. . . why bring the color of there skin into this. Ya’ll always have to do this when the results aren’t what you want. Again, if you dont like the show. . .WHY waste your time.

  7. I think DAna was trying to sabotage the other competitors… cant stand her. Sad to see Barbie go home, I think she was doing well….. but oh well. I want Justin or Christina to win !

    I actually had dinner at the Ramsay Steakhouse at the Paris in Las Vegas… food was to die for and worth every Penny!!

  8. blah blah blah goodness give up on the race card its old as heck barbie is gone because she sucked not because she is black i wander if lorenzo got kicked off because he is white yep thats it

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