Hell’s Kitchen August 29, 2011 Who was kicked off 8/29/11 Results

Hell’s Kitchen August 29, 2011, six chefs remain, three guys and three ladies. Only a few more episodes before the finale, but for now, find out who among the chefs get kicked off Hell’s Kitchen 8/29/11 results where the top five will be revealed tonight. There will be two episodes but only one is the all-new one. Find out the updates here soon.

The restaurant is closed for a very special event, which the show has never been done before, a charity event. Chef Ramsay wants a perfect dinner for his VIP guests. Can the chefs work together to make the event successful? Will this be the chef’s most humiliating event? The chefs will stop at nothing to make it to the final five. That’s for tonight on the show.

Who will make it to the final five? Have any guess on who will be sent home? The final five and the chef who won’t make it, the one who was kicked off Hell’s Kitchen August 29, 2011 results will be posted.

Update: Elizabeth was eliminated;

The final 5 are






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