Hell’s Kitchen August 8, 2011 Who was kicked off 8/8/11 Results

Hell’s Kitchen August 8, 2011, eleven chefs compete. The pressure to impress Chef Ramsay breaks the chefs in ways they’ve never been broken before.  Who will be the next to get kicked off in Hell’s Kitchen 8/8/2011 results?

Last week, the teams prepared different meals for a high school reunion where the blue team won after Elizabeth, the red team’s coordinator has given her team a wrong information about a dish. On the other hand, at the dinner service, the red team won after suffering a total meltdown when the entrees are served. Thus, it was from the blue team who went home.

Will it happen again tonight, were a guy will leave? Both teams will be turning on each other, throwing each other under the bus as the competition gets tough. It’s a matter of survival in the challenges. Someone walks out. Who could it be?

That’s what’s going to happen tonight. Find out what challenges will the contestants be facing and which team will win it. Who will get nominated? Will someone quit?

Updates on the show will be provided here. Find out the latest chef who was kicked off on Hell’s Kitchen August 8, 2011 results.

Update: Krupa Patel was eliminated;

Jamie, Jonathon and Natalie were nominated

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  1. for gods sake please get rid of that big mouth eliese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!can’t stand her… i also turned off the show to watch something else because i could not stand her attitude,or her big big mouth she is very disrespectful to others!! get rid of her!!!!!!!

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