Hell’s Kitchen August 9, 2011 Who was kicked off 8/9/11 Results

Hell’s Kitchen August 9, 2011, five from blue team and five from red team remain. The show continues tonight after Krupa left. Will another chef will be asked to leave at the beginning of the episode? Chef Ramsay says he’s not finished yet. Who gets kicked off Hell’s Kitchen 8/9/11 results?

The pressure is on as a huge celebrity is going to visit for the first time ever and the chefs are speechless. The chefs are clearly on edge. Chef Ramsay’s honesty is brutal than ever and one chef dares going challenge him. Guess who it is? It’s Jonathan. Seems like he can’t take the pressure, Natalie is frustrated with him as well.

At the show, he’ll be missing in action. Could it be because he can’t take the pressure anymore? Would he be the next to be sent home? This could be the most combatant episode ever.

Anyway, updates to be posted soon on which team wins the challenge and which contestant will be asked by Chef Ramsay to remove the apron. Who was kicked off on Hell’s Kitchen August 9, 2011 results? Find out here.

Update: Jonathan was eliminated;

Red team wins dinner service

Elise got praised – good job according to Chef Ramsay

Natalie, Jonathan nominated

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