Hell’s Kitchen December 1 2010 Who was kicked off 12/1/10 Results

Hell’s Kitchen December 1, 2010 episode will air with only four chefs remaining. The pressure goes higher as the season finale nears. Who will be the final three chefs who will be competing next week? Who gets kicked off Hell’s Kitchen 12/1/10?

Each contestants must prove to Chef Ramsay that they have the right to move forward in the competition. The challenge gets tough as the chefs must recreate a brilliant dish using only their sight, smell and taste. This will test their ability to identify key ingredients and rely on their palate.

Who will be the chef to replicate the dish the best? The winner will spend a day at the spa. Meanwhile, another dinner service will be performed and Chef Ramsay is happy that the contestants host their best dinner service this season.

Even with their smoothest dinner service, one of them will be eliminated. Who will be the final three chefs? We are guessing it will be Trev, Russell and Jillian. How about you?

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Update: No one was eliminated;

Russell was about to be eliminated, but Chef Ramsay told him to say hello to his family instead, as well as the other finalists.

2 thoughts on “Hell’s Kitchen December 1 2010 Who was kicked off 12/1/10 Results

  1. danngg so nobody got eliminated? i dont have cable therefore i watch the episodes on hulu.com.
    i just couldnt wait for the episode to air, so i had to look it up! i want trevor gone…and i think russell or nona could make it LA market…dont think jillian will make it either.

  2. Trev needs to go. He’s a freak… screws up more than the others- he peaked too soon- it’s been all downhill for him.

    Russell is the only one who is consistent and “high class” when it comes to food. Nona is getting better, but still makes amateur mistakes- Jillian is either awesome or crap- no in betweens, she’s also very immature.

    I hope Trev goes next and that Russell takes it all!

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