Hell’s Kitchen December 8 2010 Who was kicked off 12/8/10 Results

Hell’s Kitchen December 8, 2010 is still have the final four chefs in the competition. As the finale gets near, the competition gets tough. Although no one was sent home last week, two will be leaving tonight. Who gets kicked off Hell’s Kitchen 12/8/10?

As expected, two will be eliminated tonight as announced by Chef Ramsay. So expect emotions to run hight as the contestants are determined to stay. The challenge for the chefs will be to design and make a balanced fusion dish combining the flavors of two countries’ distinct cuisines.

Guest judges chef Philip Dubose of Asia de Cuba, Helene An of Crustacean and Lee Hefter of Spago will taste the dishes and will pick one winner who will experience fine dining at Spago Beverly Hills.

For the dinner service, if last week was a smooth one, expect it to turn worse tonight as chefs fail to cooperate with each other. Also expect tempers to flare at this challenge.

Who will be the final two contestants? We are guessing it will be Russell and Nona. How about you guys?

Updates of what happened at the show will be here. Find out the final two and the ones who got kicked off Hell’s Kitchen December 8, 2010.

Update: Nona and Russell in the finale;

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