Hell’s Kitchen July 11, 2013 Who was kicked off 7/11/13 Results

It’s the third part of the three-part episode in which the top five competes in Hell’s Kitchen tonight. One of the five remaining chefs will be going home. Who do you think will it be?

But, before that, the chefs will be facing some challenges first. For the individual challenge, the final five must create the perfect burger to prove that they deserve to stay in the competition. They must create their most impressive gourmet burger.

Their critics will be a couple of dining professionals. The contestants will face a tough room of critics as these professionals determine the best and the worst burgers.

The winner will get to relax at a spa while the remaining chefs will do some chores.

For the dinner service, the chefs must serve a VIP guest but huge missteps in the kitchen will put the service at a virtual standstill. What could this mishap be?

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Update: Susan has been eliminated!

INDIVIDUAL CHALLENGE – Chefs must create ten gourmet burgers of their own. Maitre’ds, Managers, Owners of some of the finest restaurants in the country, plus Jean-Philippe will taste the burgers.

Most of them chose Jon’s burger as the best while Susan’s was the worst.


DINNER SERVICE – Ja’Nel had issues with the risotto which slows the service.

Mary forgets a patty for one of the sliders and overcooks the burgers.

Susan made a burnt garnish.


NOMINEES – Ja’Nel and Susan




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