Hell’s Kitchen July 16, 2012 Who was kicked off 7/16/12 Results

The blind taste test is back on tonight’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen, where 9 contestants remain. These chefs’ palates will be put to test as well, aside from the blind taste test. Which team will win the challenge tonight and who will be thrown out of the kitchen? Will the one to go home tonight be another guy?

Chef Ramsay will put the remaining chefs’ palates to test. Thus, he’s bringing in professional competitive eater, Joey “Jaws” Chestnut for a head-to-head wing eating competition. Barbie and Tiffany are the representatives of the red team while Brian and Justin are the representatives of the blue team. Who will win this competition? Will it be girls or the boys?

After that, the chefs will face one of the most difficult challenges, the blind taste test. Who has the perfect palate?

Meanwhile, before the dinner service, the teams will be talking about their menu. The red team wants to stay away from frying and Kimmie thinks the girls think she’s not a great great chef for putting her on the back burner. They don’t want the halibut by the way. Over at the blue team, Brian and Justin are on the same page in wanting the same dish in their menu, while criticizing Clemenza and Robyn’s suggestion.

What menu will these teams come up with? It’s battle of the dishes tonight on the show. Which team will win the challenge? Which team will screw up once again? Who do you think will be leaving tonight? I think if the red team loses, Kimmie might go home. If the blue team loses, Clemenza or Robyn might leave. What do you think?

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Update: No one has been eliminated tonight. The episode continues tomorrow. Details to follow later!


Wing eating competition – Justin and Brian of the Blue Team vs Tiffany Barbie of the Red team vs Joey Chestnut. The winner will get $500.

Joey Chestnut wins the challenge.

Blind taste test

Brian gets a point for the blue team

Barbie gets a point for the red team

Tiffany gets a point for the red team

Justin and Dana were the last to taste. Guessing sunchoke correctly will get a point, making his/her team win. Justin guesses correctly.

Blue team wins the challenge.

Dinner service – Blue vs Red menu. The teams have an hour to put up their menu.

Kimmie suggested mussels and fried food but was turned down. Brian and Justin blocks Robyn’s and Clemenza’s ideas.

The chefs are preparing their menu for the service, but Chef Ramsay, of course, needs to approve their menus.

To be continued…



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