Hell’s Kitchen July 17, 2012 Who was kicked off 7/17/12 Results

Tonight’s episode on Hell’s Kitchen is a continuation of last night’s episode. The dinner service takes place tonight, but will one of the chefs be eliminated even before the service starts? Will two be going home tonight?

For the dinner service, the red team and the blue team were tasked to create their own menu, which consist of three appetizers, three entrées and three desserts. Chef Ramsay must approve their menu first before they can actually prepare it for the service. Kimmie felt left out since no one from her team wants her input. She suggested mussels and fried food but her teammates declined. However, mussels made it to the menu. Over at the blue team, Brian seconds everything Justin suggested while Robyn’s suggestion got turned down.

During preparation, Barbie was tasked to clean the mussels and she is very slow in doing so. Again, Christina is there to help. Kimmie, who was assigned with the barbecue sauce, can’t make it properly and again, Christina was there to finally make it taste right.

Meanwhile, Clemenza made a mess of himself and stepped out of the preparation for more than 30 minutes to clean up his jacket. To add to his screw ups are the small bones in the quail dish he prepared. Chef Ramsay says someone could choke on those bones. Will Clemenza be eliminated even before the service starts? He was asked to get out, could that mean he’s out of the competition? Robyn is out for revenge as well, but her plan will backfire.

At the dinner service, who will crumble under pressure and who will survive? Which menu will the guests ask for and which team will win the challenge? One chef from the red kitchen will make mistake and put her whole team in jeopardy. Will that cause the red team to lose? It may be red vs blue, but it is actually every chef for themselves.

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Update: Tiffany has been eliminated. Details will be posted later!

Dinner Service – customers are given comment cards to fill out after the service for Chef Ramsay to determine the winner.

Red team’s menu includes Flat Bread, Rib Eye and Potato Gratin

Blue team’s menu includes Sea Bass, Scallop-Stuffed Squash Blossoms and Steak and Fried Onions

Over at the red team, Kimmie made dry, overcooked duck, Dana served raw lobster and Tiffany made the fish garnished in a used dirty pan and served raw potatoes. Meanwhile, over at the blue team, Justin made undercooked scallop-stuffed squash blossoms, Brian didn’t put onions in the steak dish, Clemenza lied about the sea bass and Robyn ran out of scallops. Oh and that’s not all, Justin overcooked the rib eye steak and Brian made a raw sea bass.

No winner for this challenge. Thus, both teams must nominate two chefs each.

Red team nominees – Barbie and Tiffany

Blue team nominees – Clemenza and Robyn

Chef Ramsay decides to eliminate Tiffany.

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