Hell’s Kitchen July 18, 2013 Who was kicked off 7/18/13 Results

The top 4 chefs will compete tonight on Hell’s Kitchen on Fox. New set of challenges and dinner service will be done. But at the end, not all of them will make it to the finale. Only two will be left to compete next week. Who will they be?

The 4 remaining chefs are Cyndi, Ja’Nel, Jon and Mary. These four chefs will participate in the classic Hell’s Kitchen challenge. This challenge involves using only their senses of sight, taste and smell to identify the ingredients in Chef Ramsay’s dish. They must also recreate it.

The chef who can make the dish closest to what they’ve tasted will get a shopping spree as a prize plus a quality time with Chef Ramsay at The Fat Cow, his restaurant.

The losing chefs must prepare out the dorms on moving day.

The dinner service is once again, as intense as the previous ones.

Who will survive the challenge and who will head out of the kitchen?

Only two will be in the finale.

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Update: Cyndi was eliminated. Mary moves on to the finale. For other results, it will be continued next week.


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