Hell’s Kitchen July 2, 2012 Who was kicked off 7/2/12 Results

Hell’s Kitchen goes Vegas tonight on its 9th episode. Chef Ramsay brings a bit of Vegas into the show as a slot machine is used to choose the chef’s ingredients for the first challenge. Who will hit the jackpot and who isn’t lucky tonight and be the next chef to get kicked off?

The chefs will be called early to be asked if they are feeling lucky. Seems like all of them think so. What ingredients will be included in the slot machine? Meanwhile, Kimmie proves she can rap aside from cooking. But, what does the chefs who listened have to say? Royce didn’t like it and have a lot to say, but what about the others?

For the dinner service, it’s steak night and the contestants must impress Chef Ramsay as well as the guests. They must make sure the guest will leave satisfied and that they won’t be thrown out of the kitchen.

Things might get ugly between Kimmie and Robyn. Kimmie doesn’t want to be bothered by Robyn but the girl keeps on bothering her. What will Kimmie do? Meanwhile, expect more tension between the Red team as Tiffany thinks Barbie knows everything. Barbie thinks Tiffany doesn’t care about her standards and she’s not going to let her bring the team down. Tiffany thinks Barbie is just kicking a$$. Will things go messy between these two chefs as well?

Over at the blue team, will things go smoothly? 6 ladies and 5 guys are left. Which team will win the team challenge and which team will win the dinner service?

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Update: No one gets eliminated. Part 2 airs tomorrow night.

Kimmie tries to cheer everyone by rapping but that didn’t lift everyone’s spirits either, lol.

Team challenge – teams will use the slot machine for the ingredients they are going to use for their dish. The blue team wins and their reward is shopping at “sur la table” then dining at one of the best restaurants in LA, named “Comme Ca”.

Some highlights – Royce and Christina went head to head again with Christina getting a point for her team. It’s Dana vs Patrick and neither got a point. It’s Barbie vs Brian and both got a point. Kimmie didn’t participate but Chef Ramsay tasted her steak and it’s delicious. The women should have let her participate.

The red team is left to prepare for the dinner service.

Dinner service -Justin’s fillet mignon is included in the menu.

Over at the red team, it’s Tiffany vs Barbie. Tiffany is upset with Barbie when Barbie notices her onions. Then, Kimmie burns her hand badly and Clemenza comes to her aid.

The medic arrived and after checking her hand, she was told she can’t come back to the kitchen.


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