Hell’s Kitchen July 23, 2012 Who was kicked off 7/23/12 Results

The competition heats up as the 8 remaining chefs compete on Hell’s Kitchen’s episode tonight. The chefs go Southern as they are asked to prepare home cooking. What dishes will the contestants come up with? What will be their challenges tonight?

Chef Ramsay wants to the spice of southern cuisine to the kitchen and challenges the contestants to put a fine dining spin on classic southern dishes. What will be the outcome of their dishes? Kimmie thinks this is her time to shine. However, her teammates aren’t so confident about preparing a gourmet meal with fried chicken, grits and collard greens. Will they turn down her suggestion like last week? Kimmie is pressured as Chef Ramsay tells her that the key to the Red team’s success tonight depends on her because she’s from the South. She was told to inspire her team and that freaks her out. But will she shine under pressure?

Still on the Red team, the girls are asked to taste of the the dishes they have prepared and it wasn’t seasoned well. Looks like it’s Barbie’s fault. Will that cause her to be the next chef to leave tonight?

Meanwhile, over in the blue kitchen, dinner service started off so Brian is trying to do anything he can to make everything go smooth. However, the catfish was raw and Brian tried to crack a joke which Chef Ramsay didn’t find funny. Will that cause him to be thrown out of the kitchen? Robyn doesn’t want to be the weakest link in her team, but her chicken was raw, proving she is the weakest in her team. Will she be going home?

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Update: Kimmie has been eliminated! Details will be posted later!

Team challenge – re-create a southern dish. Guest judge is Tanya Steel from epicurious.com

Barbie’s catfish vs Clemenza’s collard greens. Barbie gets 1 point for the Red team.

Brian’s pork chop vs Kimmie’s grits. Kimmie gets 1 point for the Red team.

Christina’s chicken vs Justin’s mac and cheese. Justin gets 1 point for the Blue team.

Robin’s meatloaf vs Dana’s mashed potato. Dana gets 1 point for the Red team.

Team challenge winner – Red team.



Red team’s menu – crab cake, catfish as appetizer and friend chicken. Kimmie feels the pressure as Chef Ramsay wants her to inspire her team. Dana’s crab cakes are perfect.

Over at the blue team, Brian made a joke when Chef Ramsay asked him what his burnt catfish tasted. He said it tastes like fish and was threatened to be kicked out. Robin caused her team to be thrown out of the kitchen, thanks to her raw chicken. The red team was thrown out as well due to raw catfish.



Red team – Kimmie

Blue team – Robin

Chef Ramsay decided to send Kimmie home.






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