Hell’s Kitchen July 24, 2012 Who was kicked off 7/24/12 Results

Only 7 chefs remain in Hell’s Kitchen and tonight, they will face another set of challenges to remain in the competition. The top 5 finalists may be revealed tonight. Who do you think will be given the black jacket and who will be going home?

Last night, the theme was all about Southern cuisine. The chefs were serenaded by a gospel choir, singing “This Little Light of Mine”, before the challenge. The contestants cooked a modernized version of a Southern entree and a side item, which was revealed on a fan held by a choir member. They chose by their name and were given 30 minutes to cook the items. The Red team won, getting 3 points while the Blue team only got 1 point. Dana’s dish was the best so the recipe for that was put on Epicurious.com.

The dinner service was a failure. Both teams were thrown out from the kitchen after making numerous mistakes, including Robin’s raw chicken and Kimmie’s undercooked and overcooked catfish. Robin and Kimmie were nominated for elimination. It was Kimmie’s first time to be nominated and she was told to leave.

Tonight, communication is critical and Chef Ramsay is going to test the chef’s communication skills. The drama continues as the contestants try to set their differences aside in order to complete the dinner serivce. There are only 7 chefs remaining but only 5 will earn the coveted black jacket. Who are you top 5 picks?

My picks are Dana, Christina, Barbie, Brian and Justin. How about you?

Anyway, results of the show will be posted here, as always. While waiting for it, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook. The top 5 6 finalists and the chefs who got on Hell’s Kitchen’s July 24, 2012 episode will be provided.

Update: Brian has been eliminated.

Team challenge – communication relay challenge. The chefs are given 5 minutes each to cook three dishes – risotto, lamb and cod. Then they take turns and continue where the last person left off.

Both teams fail with the risotto and lamb. Chef Ramsay was disappointed that no one was declared as the winner.



It’s smooth sailing over in the red kitchen while in the blue kitchen, the chefs are having a hard time preparing for the service.

Barbie was asked to help Brian in the blue kitchen.

Chef Ramsay is happy with the Red team finishing the service , Dana, Christina and Barbie were given the black jacket.

All 4 chefs from the Blue team are asked to step forward. Each of them were asked why they should be given the black jacket.

Clemenza and Justin were asked to take off the jacket and given the black jacket.









25 thoughts on “Hell’s Kitchen July 24, 2012 Who was kicked off 7/24/12 Results

  1. Barbie is the only that ain’t messing up in a royal way, she knowns how to play the fame because in the end there is only one winner not a team.Hate the game not the player.

  2. I love Barbie. She’s not ghetto like all the other trashy women on the Red side.

    I really hope Justin wins now. Brian and Justin were my top choices.

  3. I wondered why Brian lasted so long. Clemenza isn’t going to last and neither is Robyn. What a dramatic Hell’s Kitchen!

  4. wow Justin!?

    Robyn shouldn’t be there anymore, she lacks shine.

    top 5 will more than likely be
    Clemenza, Christina, Dana, Brian and Barbie.

  5. I get that Brian really screwed up dinner service, but Robyn is a MESS and should have gone home. She CANNOT COOK!!

  6. Christina and Justin should be final 2. Clemenza, Robyn, Barbie should have all been gone long ago and Dana rides on Christina’s coat tails just like Brian rode Justin’s

  7. It was injustice to have voted off Felix last night!!! That girl can cook!!! She’s an angel from food heaven.David is the one that should’ve been dismissed.Given the fact that he had leverage and a hellava uooerhand to all contestants!!! Poor choice you three!!!!

  8. Barbie, I’m sure will be gone soon. The hate between her and Kimmie ruined the show. None of them are great cooks this year and none shine or stand out. Clemenza is a basket case from the first night, fat, lazy, can’t move fast enough, and will not stand up for his mistakes. Dana might be a till the end player. None of them are team players this year.

  9. I would like to see Dana or Christina win, but Chef wasted so much time with Kimmie, and even though Robin was nomintated to be sent home each week, Chef must see something in her.

  10. Robyn needs to go home already. I throw up in my mouth everytime I hear her voice or see her face. She thinks she’s all that but she SUCKS!!!! Personally, I think Justin or Christine are the best. Dana is alright, same with Chlemenza. Barbie and Robyn …… not so much. Robyn being the WORST….

  11. I just watched this episode at Dish Online and I couldn’t figure out why everyone was mad at Barbie. Even some coworkers at Dish said they wanted her kicked off. So I watched a few more episodes while I was there and I can see how some people may think she has an attitude but I don’t think she is overtly mean to anyone. She was trying to help her team the entire time on the last episode and even ended up helping the blue team. Either way I think it will eventually come down to Christina and Justin.

  12. I like Barbie. She hasn’t done anything but try and cook. I dislike Robyn and Clemenza. They really don’t deserve to still be there. I would not want food cooked by them. They look so sloppy. I really can’t imagine any of these guys running a restaurant.

  13. Kind of interesting they picked Barbie for elimination 4 times. Chef Gordon Ramsey sees something in her that others don’t. It’s a shame they play tag team on one person, but in the end, one winner.

  14. I do not understand why everyone dislikes Barbie. She always turns out good food, and is the first to offer help to her teammates. I think she is always the scapegoat. Kimmie was TERRIBLE to her-barbie is a professional and doesn’t bring all of the drama the majority of them do. Fingers crossed, Robyn will be the next to go.

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