Hell’s Kitchen July 3, 2012 Who was kicked off 7/3/12 Results

The dinner service continues tonight on Hell’s Kitchen. The drama heats up and tempers flare at the dinner service, which is family night. Expect lots of drama as the contestants cannot set aside their personal differences which also affect their performance. Who will be kicked off on tonight’s episode?

Chef Ramsay hopes that the contestants will focus on the dinner service, but the chefs are more concerned with the drama than cooking.

Tiffany is assigned to pizza and it’s taking her quite long just to prepare a simple one. She says she hates kids. Could that be why she can’t make the perfect pizza? The pizzas she make are burned, not crispy and not even delicious. Meanwhile, Barbie is about to lose temper with Tiffany either. She takes charge of making the pizza and the ones she made are brought to the dining table, which pisses Tiffany more. That’s not the only issues though. Kimmie and Christina can’t get it together just because of the fish.

Over at the blue team, the guys are doing quite well. However, Clemenza gets irritated with Brian as he can’t understand what the guy is talking about, thinking he doesn’t want to communicate.

With those issues between the team, who do you think will win the dinner service? If the red team wins, the blue team might nominate Clemenza and Brian and Clemenza could be out this time. But if the blue team wins, I am hoping Tiffany and Kimmie will be nominated with Tiffany leaving. How about you? Who do you want to be sent home?

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Update: Patrick was eliminated!

The show continues with Kimmie being injured. She burned her hand but was able to get back in the kitchen after medical help.

Each kid will be given a mini pizza as appetizer. Over at the red team, Tiffany is assigned to it and she’s slow in preparing one. Barbie took the task from her while she moved on to the bellini but screws up again. Once again, Barbie stepped up. Robyn, on the other hand, screws up the steak and the fish.

Over at the blue team, Patrick under cooked the rib eye and got kicked out of the kitchen after continuous screw ups. Royce is on the grill and is failing too. Like Patrick, he got thrown out of the kitchen.

More mistakes over at the red team and all of them got thrown out after Chef Ramsay couldn’t take it anymore.

The men finished the dinner service. However, no winning teams tonight. Both teams must nominate two people for elimination.

Red team nominees – Tiffany and Robyn

Blue team nominees – Royce and Patrick

Tiffany doesn’t want to go home and tells Chef Ramsay to send Robyn home.

Tiffany and Royce were sent back in line. Patrick and Robyn left.

Patrick was sent home.

4 thoughts on “Hell’s Kitchen July 3, 2012 Who was kicked off 7/3/12 Results

  1. Patrick? Really? Anyone but him should have been sent home, despite his problems tonight. Royce would have been a great choice as would Tiffany or Clemenza. It’s getting ridiculous with the girls fighting all the time. Can’t we all just get along.

  2. Robyn,Tiffany and Royce.. all need to be gone. But the shows edge is the bickering that goes on That the ratings. There is more “bleeps” than ever this year.
    But I continue to watch. No one is rising to the top this year who interviews these peeps!!

  3. The weekest people are Tiffany, Royce, and now Robyn. First of all Tiffany did say she hated kids and she also said she didn’t care at all in the kitchen that night. Also she has not won a single challenge for her team mates. She will be going home next episode. The two individuals going to the finals wil be Justin and Christina

  4. Its quite obvious that the final four will be Christina, Justin, Dana, and a wildcard. Maybe clemenza if he gets his shit together, and maybe barbie if she stays under the radar, and possibly Brian in there somewhere, But the final two will be Justin and Christina, hands down.

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