Hell’s Kitchen July 9, 2012 Who was kicked off 7/9/12 Results

The challenges continue tonight on Hell’s Kitchen’s 11th episode. There are 10 remaining contestants – 5 from the red team and 5 from the blue team. From which team will the next chef to get kicked off belongs to? Do you think the remaining chefs deserve to be in the competition?

Tonight, the goal of the contestants is to have flawless service as three VIPs will be invited to dinner service. Who are these guests?

Meanwhile, the team challenge will include a die consisting of letters in which the contestants have to roll and think of an ingredient corresponding to the letter they got. Robyn got D and she’s going to have a hard time thinking of an ingredient and said dragon fruit which surprised Chef Ramsay. Patrick thought of duck from the letter D. What have you thought?

Still on the blue team, Clemenza feels confident this time on Hell’s Kitchen but still, his scallops aren’t cooked well. As Justin says, there’s no excuse to screw up with the scallops at this point in the game.

Over at the red team, the girls are fumbling like they’ve never been in the kitchen before as they prepare David Beckham’s pizza. He is one of the VIP guests with his son and the girls are tensed in preparing the dishes as he looks at them amused. How long before they serve his pizza? Who are the other VIP guests on the show tonight?

Flawless service is the goal, but will the chefs be able to do it? Who will be the nominees for elimination? If the losing team is the red team, I think it’s going to be Kimmie and Barbie. If the losing team is the blue team, I think it’s Clemenza and Robyn. The chef to go is either Clemenza or Barbie. How about you?

As always, updates on the show will be posted. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for the results. The one whom Chef Ramsay decides to get eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen’s July 9, 2012 episode will be here.

Update: Royce has been eliminated. Details will be provided later!

Robyn was transferred to the blue team…

The three VIP guests are David Beckham, Lee DeWyze and Haley Reinhart.

Team challenge – each player rolls a single die with letters. They must then name an ingredient corresponding to the letter the die landed. They will they prepare a dish using the ingredient they named.

Tiffany – “C” – Chickery

Barbie – “L” – Lamb

Kimmie – “T” – Turnips

Dana – “B” – Brussel Sprouts

Christina – “T” – Truffles

Clemenza – “H” – Heirloom Tomatoes

Justin – “D” – Daikon White Radish

Robyn – “D” – Dragon Fruit

Brian -“E” – Edamame

Royce – “C” – Chicken

Team challenge winner – Blue team. Even with Royce’s overcooked chicken, Chef Ramsay enjoyed their dishes. The red team lost because of Dana’s burnt brussel sprouts. The reward for the winning team was a 24-hour stay at the Paris Hotel.

Dinner service – The red team were in charge of serving food to David Beckham and the girls fumbled. Tiffany finally cooked the scallops perfectly but had a mix-up on the fish station. Barbie also made the wellington perfect. Meanwhile, the blue team were in charge of serving food to the former American Idol 2011 finalists. If the red team had finished their dinner service, the blue team didn’t, except for Robyn. The red team were instead asked to finish the blue team’s orders.

Dinner service winner – Red Team.

Blue team nominees – Clemenza and Royce

Royce was eliminated.


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