Hell’s Kitchen June 11, 2012 Who was kicked off 6/11/12 Results

The challenge continues tonight on Hell’s Kitchen episode 3. The top 16 remain, 7 men and 9 women. Will one of the guys be going home again or will it be one of the ladies this time?

It’s still men vs. women for the challenges, in which they must serve classic all-American fare to some very special diners for the team challenge. The winning team will have a relaxing day trip while the losing team is left behind to clean up the mess. Which team will win this challenge? Will it be the red team or the women again?

Meanwhile, at the dinner service tonight, looks like the chefs are going to screw up once again. Over at the blue team, Don find it hard to write down the appetizers. He said it was really hard to spell the orders. Royce is complaining about Patrick not doing anything, but he himself isn’t perfect at all as he makes a mistake and put mushrooms on a Californian cobb salad. Clemenza had to make up for Royce’s mistakes but he can’t make up for his own ones. He can’t give the exact time when asked to prepare for a lemon curd. Then for  the wellington, he said it will take him 3 minutes to prepare but he sliced it too early.

Over at the red team, some are feeling confident and one of them is Barbie, who think that chef Ramsay is going to praise her for what she’s done so far. However, how can she be given a compliment when she doesn’t even know how to cook scallops? Briana is ready to step it up as well, wanting to prove she can be a leader, but, she can’t even cook the fish right, making the belly disappeared. Roshni don’t want to be on the chopping block again, but how could she be safe if she forgot the dumplings? Robyn will be accusing Barbie of being the weakest link and she said it’s Barbie who’s going. Could she be right?

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Update: Briana gets eliminated.

Each kitchen must cook all American meals for new American citizens. The blue team is eager to fire on their entrees but must wait until Royce finish the salad. Meanwhile, the red team is moving on with their entrees thanks to Robyn. In the blue kitchen, Guy and Clemenza came in to rescue. On the women’s team, Barbie gets deported on the pizza station while Clemenza undercook the pizza as well.

For the burgers, the men are counting on for Brian, but the ground beef burgers are raw. Patrick stepped up to help him.

The women are making a dash to the finish line…and they finished first, winning the challenge for the third time. They help the men finish their task to feed all of its diners. As a reward, they get to ride a private jet going to their destination while the men do some difficult hard labor.

Chef Ramsay made the women swear that they will complete service at the dinner service.



The men are off to a smooth start. Royce made a delicious risotto. The women, however, are off to a not so good beginning. Dana made some mistake but tries to redeem herself on appetizers. Barbie feels like Chef is going to say she’s a sexy b-i-t-c-h. The chef did, for not cooking the scallops well though. Thanks to Christina, appetizers are moving from the kitchen.

The men’s service will not finish perfectly. Clemenza made some mistakes cutting the wellington too early. He got himself in trouble after running out of beef wellington.

Brianna tries to impress Chef Ramsay with her entrée but she can’t even cook the fish right. The belly has disappeared.

Roshni don’t want to be at the chopping block but she forgot the dumplings. She made it but she don’t know how to poach it right.

The men are back on track as they serve entrées.

Kimmie didn’t cook the wellington well.

The women are asked to go out while the men completed their dinner service.

Obviously, the women lost the challenge. They have to nominate two chefs for elimination.

Briana volunteered to be nominated. Roshni is thankful no one is really voting for her. The other chefs are talking about Barbie being nominated. Barbie voted for Dana instead.



Briana – because of the cod

Barbie – because of the scallops

Roshni – asked by Chef Ramsay to go step over and be with the nominees.


Chef Ramsay’s decision – he sends home Briana

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