Hell’s Kitchen June 12, 2012 Who was kicked off 6/12/12 Results

The fourth episode of Hell’s Kitchen airs tonight. Briana was sent home last night because of her cod so it’s down to 7 men and 8 women for the challenges tonight. Who will be the next to be sent home after her?

Last night, the red team won the team challenge, in which they made a homecoming meal for the new immigrants who just became American citizens. They were rewarded with a trip to San Diego, on a safari while the Blue team went to Ballona Wetlands for hard labor. Then, at the dinner service, things were turned as the blue team won the challenge, serving all the dishes required of them. Thus, the red team had to nominate two chefs and they were Briana, who volunteered to be nominated and Barbie, whom the women don’t seem to like. Roshni thought she won’t be at the chopping block tonight, but Chef Ramsay called her out for struggling on the garnishes and succeeding bad performances. However, she’s safe.

Tonight, the chefs will try to tackle the perfect recipe for the team challenge. Their skills will be put to test as they have to cook four different lamb dishes and do one of the most outrageous challenges to get the ingredients they need. One team’s dish will turn out really bad. From which team will it belongs to? For sure, it will be another explosive dinner service tonight. Will there be another screw-ups from the chefs?

Who will win the team challenge and who won’t be able to complete the dinner service? Updates on the show tonight will be posted, as always. While waiting for it, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for the latest on Hell’s Kitchen and other reality shows. The next chef who gets eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen June 12, 2012 episode will be provided. Results and highlights will be here.

Update: Don was eliminated. Roshni was transferred to the Blue team.

The contestants wake up at the crack of dawn and head to the farm for the team challenge. They have to make four lamb dishes each team and have five minutes to catch sheep in the pen. Each sheep they catch has ingredient attached to its back. Back at the kitchen they have to prepare the dishes in 45 minutes.

Tiffany and Danielle’s lamb chop souffle vs Clemenza’s lamb chop which looks like Steven Tyler’s earlobe, lol.

Both teams got one point each.

Kimmie and Roshni’s curry lamb vs Patrick’s lamb and fennel sausage.

Robyn’s lamb vs Justin’s grilled lamb

Dana and Christina made braised lamb

Royce and Brian’s lamb added one point to their score, enough to make the blue team win.

Team challenge winner – Blue team. They won a VIP trip to the race track while the ladies will herd the sheep and prepare the kitchen for the dinner service.



The girls struggle with their risotto which is undercooked courtesy of Danielle.
Losing team – both teams. They have to come up with two nominees each.

Blue team – Don and Brian

Red team – Danielle and Roshni

Chef Ramsay decides to send Don home. Danielle was sent back in line. Brian was sent back in line. Roshni was transferred to the Blue team. Chef Ramsay says maybe the change int he environment might change her performance.

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