Hell’s Kitchen June 13, 2013 Who was kicked off 6/13/13 Results

The cooking and drama continue tonight on Hell’s Kicthen. Airing from 8pm to 9pm ET, there’s going to be a culinary relay race. Who’s going to win the race and who is in danger of being sent home at the end of the episode tonight?

There are six remaining contestants left – Cyndi, Ja’Nel, Jon, Mary, Susan and Zach. These six chefs will be competing in a relay race, to test their ability to communicate and work in sync. There will be three entree relay race and each team will be given 30 minutes to prepare three dishes – one chef at a time.

The winning team from this challenge will enjoy a helicopter ride and go exquisite caviar tasting. Meanwhile, the losing team will be punished and work on peeling the potatoes.

Then the dinner service, of course is inevitable. Will they impress Chef Ramsay tonight?

The black jackets will be given tonight. Who will get it and who will go home?

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Update: Zach has been eliminated!

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