Hell’s Kitchen June 18, 2012 Who was kicked off 6/18/12 Results

Hell’s Kitchen goes Mexican for the first time ever tonight, June 18, 2012 on Fox. Still split into men vs women, teams will do one challenge and a dinner service once again. Will everything go smooth sailing and will both teams complete the dinner service?

The culinary challenge will tackle cuisine that is never before showcased on the show. The theme for tonight’s challenge is Mexican and there will be two special guests tonight to test the contestant’s creations. The guest chefs are Executive Chef John Sedlar from Rivera Restaurant and Owner/Executive Chef Thomas Ortega of Ortega 120 Restaurant.

The show will start in a good mood as Chef Scott is asked to bring his a$$ out carrying a piñata and Roby wants to take a wack at his a$$. Chef Ramsay will be the one to break it and the contestants will pick up something from a gazellion of balls coming out from the piñata. I’m not sure what it is but it’s most likely related to what they are going to create.

Meanwhile, some of the chefs are that confident about themselves and their dishes. Brian says he knows how to put together a beautiful Mexican plate, like him, simple, beautiful, lol. Will he really be able to come up with a good Mexican dish?

Then, at the dinner service, one of the chefs will be preparing a stone-cold tuna and still have the guts to say it’s good. Chef Ramsay wants it in room temperature instead and don’t want it to taste of the fridge. What will happen to the tuna, I mean, this chef? Will the blue team be able to complete the dinner service? How about the red team? Will they be asked to go out of the kitchen again?

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Update: No one has been eliminated yet. Tomorrow, Chef Ramsay will announce who will leave.

Team challenge – the teams must turn 5 Mexican classics into 5 dining food. They must grab a maximum of 25 balls which has the name of the ingredients and use that for their dishes.

It’s Danielle’s first time to make Mexican dish.

Over at the red kitchen, the women quickly decided the five dishes to show Chef Ramsay while the blue team is still struggling.

Executive Chef John Sedlar from Rivera Restaurant and Owner/Executive Chef Thomas Ortega of Ortega 120 Restaurant are introduced as the guests who will judge their dishes.

Royce vs Kimmie – tacos – Red team got one point

Clemenza vs Danielle – burritos – Blue team got one point

Justin vs Tiffany – Red team got the point

Patrick vs Christina – enchiladas – Blue team got the point

Roshni vs Dana – John Sedlar voted fro the red team while Thomas Ortega voted for the blue team

Chef Ramsay has to break the tie – he chose the Red team.

Team challenge winner – Red team. The reward is an amazing day heading to an amazing gourmet lunch. Blue team will face Mexican misery.

The women lost all courtesy due to some misunderstanding caused by Tiffany. On the other hand, the blue team are in a good mood.

Over at the red team, Dana prepared the fish and meat on the same tray. No one admits the mistake. Kimmie admitted it.

Over at the blue team, they are ready with their first entree. However, the meat isn’t that good. One was over cooked, one was dry. It’s better than the red team, who prepared raw pork.

Five chefs were thrown out of the kitchen over at the red team for committing mistakes, specifically preparing raw pork, chicken or messed up mashed potato. Tonight is on its way to be the worst dinner service since opening night.

Those who remain in the kitchen were able to complete dinner service.

Kimmie tells Chef Ramsay it wasn’t her who placed the fish and meat on the same tray. She says it’s Dana.

Both teams have to nominate who will be sent home.



Blue team – Patrick and Guy

Red team – Barbie and Danielle

Barbie was sent back in line.

Chef Ramsay’s decision? Not revealed. It will be announced tomorrow night.


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