Hell’s Kitchen June 19, 2012 Who was kicked off 6/19/12 Results

The elimination on Hell’s Kitchen continues for tonight’s sixth episode. We were left hanging on who Chef Ramsay will send home. Is it Patrick, Guy or Danielle? Patrick will most likely be safe so it could either be Danielle or Guy. Who among them will be leaving?

I was surprised that they decided to nominate Barbie just because she’s not in alliance with anyone of them, but she’s lucky since Chef Ramsay thinks she doesn’t deserve to be nominated.

If only the women aren’t divided into groups, they might have won the dinner service and don’t have to nominate two chefs. However, having alliances can’t be avoided. If Danielle will go home, it will be Christina and Dana vs Robyn, Tiffany and Kimmie and their next target could be Dana.

Over at the blue team, Roshni stepped up after being transferred to the Blue team. She wasn’t banished from the kitchen and completed the dinner service. Will she be able to continue doing a good job?

Tonight will be another first for the show. If last night was their first ever Mexican theme at the team challenge, tonight is the first ever dinner service fashion show. It’s a two-part episode and the first part will be aired tonight. For the team challenge, teams must create a menu for some renowned designers by finding culinary inspiration from high fashion. The winning team will get a brand new wardrobe while the losing team, as usual, have to prepare for the dinner service, in which they have to prepare food during a fashion show.

Will the red team be the one to get a new wardrobe or it will be the blue team this time? Who will be kicked out from the kitchen during the dinner service tonight?

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Update: Danielle was eliminated.

Patrick was sent back in line.

The person to leave Hell’s Kitchen is Danielle.

The blue team in discussion. Royce gets the opportunity to get the leadership away from Patrick. The thing is, the team don’t trust Royce’s leadership skills.

It’s fashion time in Hell’s Kitchen. David Meister, Fashion, Ina Soltani and Amanda Che are the guests whom the chefs are going to create a three-course menu including one poultry entrée and one seafood entrée. The winning dishes will be on the menu at the first ever Hell’s Kitchen fashion night.

Team challenge winner – Blue team. They will be going to a boutique in Malibu for their new wardrobe and go wine tasting afterwards. The red team, on the other hand, will prepare for the fashion show.

Kimmie blames Robyn for their lost for not using spices when she was told to.

The women fool around the runway, lol.

Chef Ramsay tells the chefs that timing is important.

It’s about the scallops again. Clemenza might be thrown out of the kitchen for starting it. More tension and mistakes will be committed next week!

To be continued…


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