Hell’s Kitchen June 20, 2013 Who was kicked off 6/20/13 Results

Hell’s Kitchen airs tonight on Fox. What’s special tonight is that aside from a special surprise, the contestants will be handed out the coveted black jacket. However, not all of them will have it. Or will all five get the black jacket?

Yes, there are only five remaining chefs left for tonight’s episode and they are going to get a very special surprise from their family members. A mom, siblings and even best friends will be visiting the contestants tonight. What could their surprise be? Later on, these five chefs will be tested based from their originality in an intense pressure cooker test. Will this be the hardest challenge to beat?

The winner of this challenge will be having an unforgettable meal with their family. Meanwhile, the team to lose will of course, do some not so nice task – recycle and plant trees.

Then at the dinner service, Chef Ramsay will announce a shocking twist. What could it be?

Who will get the black jacket and who will go home tonight?

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Update: All five got the black jacket.


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