Hell’s Kitchen June 25, 2012 Who was kicked off 6/25/12 Results

The fashion show is about to begin and the chefs were told that timing is important at this dinner service on tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen. However, Clemenza seemed to be too excited as he started cooking scallops even before the restaurant opened. Will he be kicked out of the kitchen again?

The fashion night begins and teams must execute full dinner service with perfect timing. There are three runway shows being held at the restaurant and must perform accurately this time. With Royce being assigned with Chef Ramsay with the plating for the Blue team, he gets intimated with Chef Ramsay right next to him the entire time of the service. He commits mistake of wiping the plate with dirty cloth in front of the VIP guests. He’s panicking and almost got himself out of the kitchen. Will he survive being with the Chef throughout the service or he’ll be completely thrown out of the kitchen?

Over at the red team, the six remaining contestants got called because of the scallops again. Someone overcooked it, no one will admit the mistake and Tiffany said she don’t know who cooked it. Could it be her? It’s going to be a bad day for the ladies tonight. Meanwhile, over at the blue team, Clemenza gets frazzled at the dinner service, being at a loss on where the plate is. Good thing Patrick is to the rescue for his sword fish.

While others are distracted by what’s going on around, some of are able to perform flawlessly. Who will be asked to leave the kitchen and who will be able to complete the dinner service? Which team will win the challenge?

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Update: Guy was eliminated.

4 scallops got wasted by Clemenza for starting it too early.

The fashion shows begin…

Royce and Kimmie are assigned to help plate the food with Chef Ramsay.

It’s about the scallops again. Over at the Red team, Chef Ramsay returned the scallops and Tiffany didn’t admit it’s her fault. In the Blue team, Clemenza gets stressed out for having to prepare too much scallops.

The Red team customers are happy with the food while the Blue team is going down. Guy noticed it and tried to helped out but instead of helping, he created a bigger mess. Chef Ramsay tells them that they must do the timing right for the second roundo f fashion show.

Guy is distracted by the models walking down the runway in swimsuits.

Both teams are screwing up, like sword fish is cold when serving and beef beng over cooked. Tiffany doesn’t want to be blamed for her sword fish.

Dinner service winner – Red Team.

Blue Team nominees – Clemenza and Guy

When asked, Justin, Royce, Roshni, Brian and Patrick wants Clemenza to go home. However, he was sent back in line.

Guy is eliminated.

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