Hell’s Kitchen June 26, 2012 Who was kicked off 6/26/12 Results

After the three-part dinner service last night, the chefs will face another challenges on Hell’s Kitchen tonight. Guy has been eliminated after being nominated even if his teammates wanted Clemenza to leave. It has been expected that Chef Ramsay will choose Clemenza over him. Besides, he has also been nominated last week but got safe since Chef Ramsay chose to eliminate Danielle. However, last night, he was asked to leave Hell’s Kitchen due to his inconsistent performance.

Anyway, for tonight’s episode, two special guests will be invited over. They are UFC Champ Tito Ortiz and boxing legend Sugar Ray. The 12 remaining chefs will most likely be tasting the dishes made by the contestants in the first challenge. What dishes will be prepared for them and who will win this challenge? The losing team will, of course, be preparing for the dinner service while the winning team will enjoy the reward.

Then, at the dinner service, teams must be able to deliver and serve the customers on time and with delicious food. Who will screw up again? If there will be scallops again, will the chefs be able to cook it perfectly this time? Who will be announced as the winning team after the dinner service? If the Blue team loses, Clemenza might get nominated again. It’s obvious that his teammates want him out of the competition because he is a threat. If not for his passion, Chef Ramsay will surely ask him to take of his jacket.

Anyway, find out tonight what are the challenges and who the contestants are going to serve at the dinner service. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for updates on the show. Who gets eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen June 26, 2012? Results will be posted here.

Update: Roshni was eliminated.

Team challenge – The chefs have to choose various ingredients and use them together, testing their ability to adapt.

Guest judges – Michelin chefs Anila Lo, Douglas Keane and Michael Cimarusti.

Red team and Blue team are tied but Christina wins it for her team preparing lobster. Royce’s dish, on the other hand, have a hair on it. Christina’s lobster will be included in the menu for the dinner service.

Team challenge winner – Red team. The reward is going to the spa and expensive cookware.

Dinner service – Tito Ortiz and Sugar Ray are the VIP guests.

Are all chefs like Tiffany? She put a knife to her lips and touch the food with it. Meanwhile, the chefs are tensed again, particularly Clemenza and Roshni. Clemenza made the pasta too chewy while some of Roshni’s Wellingtons are raw and some over cooked. Patrick’s lobster was served cold. Over at the Red team, Tiffany also screwed up with the Wellingtons as well.

The Blue team were thrown out of the kitchen, leaving the Red team to complete both team’s service.

Losing team – Blue team. They must nominate two from their teams who will be eliminated.

Nominees – Brian and Clemenza

Chef Ramsay says the two chefs should be Patrick and Roshni.

Roshni was sent home.


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