Hell’s Kitchen June 27, 2013 Who was kicked off 6/27/13 Results

The top five remaining chefs compete tonight on Hell’s Kitchen. Yes, it’s the second of the three part episode regarding this top five and expect more stress and pressure for the chefs as the challenges keep on comping. But tonight, nothing I think won’t stop them from being ecstatic as they get their black jackets. Yes, Chef Ramsay hands it out tonight.

Then for the challenge at the dinner service, a team of previous Hell’s Kitchen winners will go head-to-head against them. Chef Ramsay also lets each team to design their own menus for the dinner service. What menu will the teams come up with?

Meanwhile, Susan says Mary makes her nervous and that she seems different. What could the reason be? Plus, the decibels in her voice irritates her teammates. How long before someone screams?

Anyway, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for some updates on the show. Find out who among the top 5 chefs gets eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen’s 6/27/13 results, if ever there’s elimination. Highlights will be posted as well.

Update: Cyndi and Susan were the nominees, but no one was eliminated!

Continuation of last week’s episode…

Previous seasons winners are back to compete with the top 5 – Rock (season 3), Christina (season4), Dave (season 6), Nona (season 8) and Paul (season 9).

Chef Ramsay asked them to create one appetizer and one entree to add to the menu.

It sure is a tough battle between the two teams…



– Duck confit is one hour from being ready

– Chef Ramsay thinks the duck confit is ridiculous, but likes the appetizers and entrees

– Mary is directing everyone and she’s driving her teammates crazy



– Chef Ramsay thinks their entree is great

– Chef Ramsay rejects Nona’s risotto



Chef Ramsay tells everyone they did well

Comment cards results – 95% would come back to the Champions’ kitchens

93% said they would come back to the contestants’ kitchens


LOSING TEAM – Red team

NOMINEES – Cyndi and Susan


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