Hell’s Kitchen June 4, 2012 Premiere Season 10 6/4/12 Results

We’ll be seeing more of Gordon Ramsay again as Hell’s Kitchen return tonight, June 4, 2012. It’s the season premiere of the Fox’s cooking reality show. Tonight is the first part of the two-part season premiere. Airing from 8pm to 9pm ET, be prepared for some drama again as the chefs deal with the challenges and pressure to win the competition.

There will be 18 chefs who will compete to be the head chef working under Executive Chef Kevin Kee at Gordon Ramsay Steak in Paris, Las Vegas. Like in the previous seasons, the contestants will be split into two teams. It’s men vs women. They will be asked to prepare their signature dishes where the winning team will be treated to a delicious dinner which will be prepared by Dave Levey (season 3 winner) and Rock Harper (season 6 winner). Meanwhile, the losing team will, as usual, scrub down the kitchen to prepare for their first dinner service.

The pressure is on during the dinner service. The teams will begin to fracture and commit mistakes even before the first course is served. Who will make the first mistake?

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Barbie Marshall, 34, Catering Chef, Philadephia, Pennsylvania

Briana Swanson, 32, Personal Chef, New York, New York

Christina Wilson, 32, Chef de Cuisine, Philadephia, Pennsylvania

Dana Cohen, 27, Chef Instructor, River Vale, New Jersey

Danielle Rimmer, 27, Saucier, Bayonne, New Jersey

Kimmie Willis, 27, Personal Chef, Memphis, Tennessee

Robyn Almodovar, 31, Executive Sous Chef, Hollywood, Florida

Roshni Gurnani, 27, Executive Chef, Boston, Massachusets

Tiffany Johnson, 30, Sous Chef, Warren, Vermont



Brian Merel, 31, Personal Chef, Chicago, Illinois

Chris Carrero, 33, Executive Chef, Queens, New York

Clemenza Caserta, 41, Executive Chef, Staten Island, New York

Don Savage, 44, Cafeteria Chef, Houston, Texas

Guy Vaknin, 28, Executive Catering Chef, New York, New York

Justin Antiorio, 29, Sous Chef, Lyndhurst, New Jersey

Patrick Cassata, 40, Executive Chef, Lombard, Illinois

Royce Wagner, Sous Chef, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Tavon Hubbard, 22, Executive Chef, Washington, D.C.


Update: Tavon gets eliminated.

Chef Ramsay says this is going to be the most intense season. He pushes this season further than any other.

Sous chef Scott greets the contestants. He will be testing their commitment. He shaved his hair for Chef Ramsay and asks the contestants who is willing to make that commitment. There are a few volunteers until Ramsay stop them and asks them to make their signature dishes. They have 45 minutes to prepare.

The teams are men vs women. The winner of this challenge is the women. Their score is 5 while the men got 3.

As a prize, the women are treated to a steak barbecue prepared by past winners Rock and Dave while the men clean both kitchens.



Chef Ramsay asks Briana about the entrees they are serving. The women will serve scallops and Roshni was thrown out because of that. Meanwhile, the mean will serve raw meat.

It’s the season premiere but no reason for Chef Ramsay not to be pissed off. The scallops are a mess. Royce’s spaghetti is crunchy and the men’s appetizer isn’t ready. As a result, he sends the mean back to the dorm. He also stopped the women from preparing their Wellingtons.



Losing team – Men. They have to choose which two chefs will be eliminated.

Patrick nominates Don and Tavon but Chef Ramsay picks Tavon and Royce.


Royce was asked to get back in line while Tavon is eliminated.


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