Hell’s Kitchen June 5, 2012 Who was kicked off 6/5/12 Results

The part two of Hell’s Kitchen season 10 premiere airs tonight, from 8 to 9pm. One of the men was eliminated last night after his teammates nominated him for elimination. Who will be the next to go home at the show’s second episode?

The women won the first challenge last night, making them entitled to a sumptuous dinner prepared by previous season winners Rock and Dave. Robyn, Dana, Christina, Briana and Roshni were responsible for the women’s win making their score to 5 vs the men who got only a score of 3. Then at the dinner challenge, the chefs had a hard time preparing the scallops and other menu for the dinner service. This causes Chef Ramsay to go berserk once again. Again, the guys lost the dinner service. Thus one of them has to go home and that’s Tavon for not impressing Chef Ramsay.

Tonight, the challenge continues and it’s women vs men again for the next set of tasks. The winner of the first challenge will get to sail off to celebrate their good work while the losing team is left to fulfill drab duties. Which team will win the challenge? Will it be the women again or it’s the men’s turn to win?

Meanwhile, dinner service gets demanding and the contestants are put on a pressure. Will there be scallops again and if ever, will they perfect it this time? Will the men be confident at the dinner service or losing one of their team members have a great impact at their performance? Find out how will they struggle at the tasks tonight.

Updates and highlights will be posted here. While waiting for it, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for the latest on Hell’s Kitchen and other reality shows. Who will be the second contestant to get eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen episode 2 tonight, June 5, 2012? The results will be posted.

Update: Chris gets eliminated;

Reward challenge – The chefs must put scallops in the kitchen, shuck, clean and cook them. Each team must prepare six perfect dishes. Again, the women win the challenge. They won a trip to Catalina Island and went zip lining while the men scrub the kitchen. They also have prawns to shell, clean and deveined.


Dinner service – they must sever shrimp scampi along side the other dishes.

The women failed at making risotto while the men did it perfectly. However, the men’s scallops are still a mess and so are the women’s.

The dinner service is a failure once again. Thus, both teams must nominate two people each for elimination.



Men’s team – Chris and Royce

Women’s team – Barbie and Roshni


Chef Ramsay’s decision – he sends Chris home.

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