Hell’s Kitchen June 6, 2013 Who was kicked off 6/6/13 Results

It’s the continuation of the show last week in Hell’s Kitchen tonight. Chef Ramsay will be finding out which among the seven remaining chefs has made the greatest strides in the competition. Who do you think could it be?

Last week, the chefs were tested by identifying some ingredients by taste only with Susan winning it for the women again. It was the first time in the show’s history that one team won six consecutive challenges. Then for the immunity challenge, the contestants created a dish to show off their skill and the continuation on who gets immunity airs tonight. It was between Cyndi and Jon. Who among these two chefs wins immunity?

Then later on at the dinner service, the chefs must prepare a stunning meal in order to impress the guests – Maria Menounos and Jeremy Sisto. The dinner service gets off to a strong start but one team’s service will go downhill. Cyndi is putting her team behind while Anthony couldn’t figure out what Chef Ramsay is talking about. Then at the end, two members from the losing team will go head-to-head in an emotional elimination round.

Who will be nominated tonight and who will be send home?

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Update: Anthony have been eliminated!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE WINNER – Cyndi vs Jon. Jon wins immunity! He’s safe from elimination at the dinner service.


– Maria Menounos and Jeremy Sisto were the guests.

– Anthony didn’t understand what “out in one” means, but he did the scallops perfectly.

– Jon made a bland risotto

– Cyndi made too much risotto

– Anthony made a raw halibut

– Zack made raw wellingtons and had no backup

– Red team finishes service first than the blue team.

– Red team was told to decide who will go the red team

– Jon was told to decide who should leave from the blue team.

– Ja’Nel volunteers to go to the blue team.



– Anthony was nominated by Jon

– Chef Ramsay asked Anthony and Zack the reason why they should stay.



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