Hell’s Kitchen March 13, 2014 Premiere Season 11 3/13/14 Results

The new season of Hell’s Kitchen airs tonight! Gorday Ramsay is back once again. Are you excited for the new season?

A new batch of chefs will be seen starting tonight. These chefs will be proving to Chef Ramsay that they have what it takes to be in the competition. Who’s going to leave the show as early as the season premiere?

The chefs will be split into two teams – women vs men. They will be asked to present their signature dish and the winning team will get treated to an exclusive dinner with Chef Ramsay. The losing team will be left to clean up the kitchen.

Then, the first dinner service will have the contestants reach their boiling point. Major mistakes are bound to happen. Find out who did it and what could it be.

Updates on the show will be provided beginning tonight. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for the results. The first chef to be eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen’s 3/13/14 episode will be posted.

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