Hell’s Kitchen March 19, 2013 Who was kicked off 3/19/13 Results

It’s the second episode of Hell’s Kitchen tonight. You think you’ll stick around and watch the show the entire season? Are you looking forward to tonight’s episode?

Last week at the season premiere, Sebastian was the first chef who was eliminated by Chef Ramsay. He has been joking around and not taking it seriously. Thus, Chef Ramsay said that he (Sebastian) was trying to be funny. But it was his cooking that was the joke”.

Will someone try to make a lot of jokes tonight and follow Sebastian’s footsteps?

For tonight, the culinary boot camp will begin. Chef Ramsay will be teaching the chefs a lesson in teamwork as he puts them through a physical challenge which involves lobsters. Claws will come out as the real team challenge continues int he kitchen. The team to win the challenge will get a luxurious day on a yacht while the losing team, of course, will be cleaning, this time, hundreds of pounds of fish.

Don’t expect the dinner service to be a smooth one though since Chef Ramsay will be disappointed with a disorganized dinner service.

Two contestants will be in danger of going home. Find out who they are. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook while waiting for updates. The next chef who gets eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen’s 3/19/13 results will be posted.

Update: Gina quits Hell’s Kitchen. Christian gets eliminated. Details to be posted in a while.

LOBSTER CHALLENGE PART 1 – a challenge to promote teamwork. Before the challenge even began, Gina walked out of the competition.

The soldiers demonstrate teamwork by helping one another over a tall wall.

With this challenge, teams must help their team members up, over the wall. They will then enter the live lobster cage and get as many lobsters as possible in five minutes.

Blue team wins the first part of the challenge
Anthony was injured after rolling onto his ankle. He doesn’t want to go to the hospital and was supported into the kitchen for lobster preparation.

LOBSTER CHALLENGE PART 2 – each team will extract the meat from the shell of the lobster. The team with the most properly prepared lobster wins the challenge.

Red team wins the challenge. They are the overall winner. They get to spend a day on an 85-foot yacth while the guys do the fish delivery.



Nedra and Jeremy from each team will serve side-table fired lobster.

Mary can’t make a rissotto. Christian can’t make scallops properly.


90 minutes and there’s no dish coming out from the Blue Kitchen. The guys were thrown out of it.

The Red team cannot serve the entire dining room, either. A raw lamb was prepared by Susan so she was kicked out of the kitchen.



Jeremy and Christian

Danielle and Mary


ELIMINATED – Christian

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  1. This challenge was a simple one if you ask me but then again an injury like Anthony had would make it difficult to do any task well. I love the show though and watch it at work at DISH sometimes on my laptop while I’m at lunch. I just pull up DISH Anywhere because it is free and convenient to watch when I’m on the go so I get more TV in my day and more relaxation in my free time.

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