Hell’s Kitchen March 27, 2014 Who was kicked off 3/27/14 Results

An all new episode of Hell’s Kitchen airs tonight. The drama continues as the chefs perform their next set of challenges. Who will win the team challenge and what will happen at the dinner service?

Chef Ramsay will be teaching the chefs a lesson in teamwork. He’ll be putting them through a physical challenge which involve pigs and potatoes.

Expect the competition to heat up when the team competition continues in the kitchen. The winning team will then earn a luxurious day on a yacht and the losing team will of course, clean up and bath the livestock friends.

During the dinner service, expect tempers to flare as the chefs get pressured. Chef Ramsay gets disappointed as the chefs are disorganized. Which team will get out of the kitchen?

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Update: Simone got eliminated!

TEAM CHALLENGE – Teams must dig up potatoes in a the farm yard with cows and pigs running around. The first team to get 100lbs of potatoes combined wins the first part. The second part is to create a 9 highly creative potato dishes from each team, but Chef Ramsay will only try 5 dishes from each.

Jessica vs Richard – Jessica got 4/5 and Richard got 4/5

Sandra vs Ralph – Sandra got 3/5 and Ralph got 3/5

Ben vs Jason – Ben got 2/5 and Jason got 4/5

Melanie vs Mike – Melanie got 4/5 and Mike got 1/5

Scott vs Joy – Scott got 5/5 and Joy got 4/5




The red team wins and the reward is to see California’s beautiful coastline on a 80ft sailboat.



Anton made risotto

Simone brought lobster tails – one is raw and another is over

Jessica and Simone made raw scallops

Everything wasn’t doing well. Empty pans sitting around in the red kitchen and Simone and Jessica delivered raw fish. They go kicked out of the kitchen.

Meanwhile, the blue team got thrown out due to timing issues.


Chef Ramsay asks them to come up with 3 nominees from each team.

RED TEAM – Simone, Rochelle, Sandra

BLUE TEAM – Mike, DeMarco, Chris


Eliminated – Simone


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