Hell’s Kitchen May 13, 2013 Who was kicked off 5/13/13 Results

Hell’s Kitchen airs an all-new episode tonight. Yes, the show changes schedule that instead of Tuesday night, it now airs Monday night. Why? That’s because So You Think You Dance’s season premiere tomorrow! So you guys who are waiting for SYTYCD to air, it’s here again! But going back to tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen, who will be eliminated on this episode?

Amanda was eliminated last week, but if the contestants thought they are safe until after the next set of challenges, they are surprised as Chef Ramsay announced it wasn’t over yet. But then, the show left us with a cliff-hanger once again and tonight, we’ll find out if another chef gets kicked off at the start of the episode.

Chef Ramsay will be making an announcement which will change the competition for good. What could this announcement be?

Meanwhile, the team challenge tonight for the chefs is to host a very intimate dinner for distinguished members of the US Army. Then, during the dinner service, one team will falter and finds itself in a confrontational elimination round. Which team will win the challenge? Who will get nominated after the dinner service?

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Update: Barrett was eliminated at the start of the episode.

FIRST CHALLENGE – Each chef must pick a dish with 5 ingredients which must also be visually stunning. The teams will take the top 3 dishes from each team and the winning chef will be featured in People Magazine.

Guest judge – Jennifer Garcia

WINNER – Red team. They get blender from Chef Ramsay and a makeover for People Stylewatch.


SECOND CHALLENGE – teams will feed two tables filled with distinguished military. Each chef will be responsible for a course and both teams must serve exactly the same time.
First course – Prawn

Second course – Linguine but Nedra forgot how to cooke it.

Over at the blue team, Zach sabotages Ray’s lobster and it came out two courses late. That’s not just it, Zach even forgot to make the sauce for his steak.

Over at the red team, Susan had an issue with steak. It came out late.

Result – Chef Ramsay was not happen and told them they did the military a disservice.


– Nedra and Susan
– Ray and Zach


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