Hell’s Kitchen May 30, 2013 Who was kicked off 5/30/13 Results

The challenges and cooking continue tonight on Hell’s Kitchen. After a change in schedule for it to be aired Monday, it’s now fixed in the Thursday time slot. There are 7 remaining chefs left. Who will be the next to be eliminated tonight?

Last week, Nedra was sent home by Chef Ramsay after the three men said it was her who should leave. She was the one who held up the Blue team in their dinner service. However, Chef Ramsay said the guys better perfect their next service. Will that be the case tonight?

For tonight, the seven remaining contestants’ palate will be put to test as Chef Ramsay test each chef’s ability to identify ingredients using only their taste buds. It’s a blind test challenge and the winning team will be have a luxurious sushi meal overlooking the ocean. Plus, the winning team will have horseback riding.

As usual, the losing team will prepare for the dinner service.

There’s also going to be a surprising challenge in order to know which of the contestants deserves immunity in the next dinner service. Who will win immunity? How will the service go?

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