Hell’s Kitchen May 7, 2013 Who was kicked off 5/7/13 Results

There are twelve remaining chefs on tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen and the show’s first ever Quinceañera goes south. Who will win this Quinceañera challenge and who stays in the kitchen to clean up and prepare for the dinner service? Who goes home tonight?

Last week, Jacqueline was sent packing by Chef Ramsay for the reason that he needs someone who can deliver. She was one of the nominees alongside Amanda, but Amanda was sent back in line and her packing. Will it one of the girls again to leave at the end of the show?

The first challenge is making dishes for a girl’s Quinceañera. The chefs will be tasked to create a five course tasting menu in 45 minutes. Who will make the best menu? The winning team will get a fun-filled day at an amusement park.

For the dinner service, Chef Ramsay puts the pressure on the chefs once again to make a flawless dinner service. However, it isn’t possible as over the blue team, one of the guys will mess up with a linguine one another won’t listen to his instructions. One chef will throw a teammate under the bus halting the dinner service and making the guests are left hungry. Does that means, both teams will nominate two from their teams?

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Update: Amanda gets eliminated!

FIRST CHALLENGE – Hosting the first ever Quinceañera – a Spanish tradition for girls as they turn 15. The chefs must create a tasting menu for Briana. They have 45 minutes to create dishes for this challenge.

Blue team – 2 points

Red team – 3 points


The reward of the Red team is going to Knox Berry Farm Theme/Amusement Park.



Red team

– Amanda brings a broken tuna to Chef Ramsay. Next time, she brought it ice cold.

– Cindy serves raw rib eye


Blue team

– Barrett messed up with the linguini

– Zack messed up with the potatoes

– Barrett brings a meat with a stick in it.



Blue team – Barrett and Zack. Barrett for his performance and Zack for his potatoes

Red team – Amanda and Cindy. Amanda because of her tuna and Cindy because of the rib-eye


Chef says he wants to send everyone home but reconsiders and sent Amanda packing.

However, he’s not yet done but it’s to be continued next week…



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