Hell’s Kitchen November 10 2010 Who was kicked off 11/10/10 Results

Hell’s Kitchen November 10, 2010 will be an all new two-hour episode! The show is back after being on a break for three weeks and we’ll finally find out what will happen to Trev. Will he be the one among the chefs who get kicked off Hell’s Kitchen 11/10/10?

Trev was asked by Chef Ramsay to step forward last week, but the show has already ended. For sure lots of the viewers are excited to watch what will happen next. Will he be eliminated, or will he be asked to transfer again to the other team?

Only eight chefs remain tonight but after the show ends, there will only be six. Chef Ramsay is done giving second chances and Nona suffers a major setback, being emotional during the dinner service. Meanwhile, one of the chefs is worthy of his praise. Could it be Sabrina? It’s going to be another emotional night on the show.

As always, updates will be here so please bookmark this page to find out who got kicked off Hell’s Kitchen November 10, 2010 results.

Updates: Rob was eliminated on Part 1; Vinny kicked off on Part 2;

Part 1

Sabrina best of the best as said by Chef Ramsay

Trev has to nominated best of the worst – transfered to Blue team again

Trev nominated Rob and Russell but Chef Ramsay asked Rob to leave, instead

Part 2

The final six was chosen – Trev, Gail, Sabrina, Nona, Jillian, Russell

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