Hell’s Kitchen November 17 2010 Who was kicked off 11/17/10 Results

Hell’s Kitchen November 17, 2010 will have the final six chefs compete and it gets more intense as the chefs seem to be can’t keep it cool under pressure. Who will be the one to get kicked off on Hell’s Kitchen 11/17/10?

With everything on the line, one chef loses his mind, one chef loses control and one chef, just loses it. Who could they be?

Meanwhile, Chef Ramsay raises the stakes and asks the contestants to create a single bite that makes a bold first impression. The Michelin-starred chefs from some of LA’s most critically acclaimed restaurants will be invited to judge the six chefs. The winner of this challenge will be taken to LA Market at the JW Marriott Hotel.

The six contestants will also disappoint Chef Ramsay later on at the dinner service due to lack of cooperation and looks like Chef Ramsay is about to walk out.

Who will be the final five and final four after one of them gets eliminated at each episode?

Updates of the results will be posted here. Find out who got kicked off Hell’s Kitchen November 17, 2010 results here soon.

Updates: Sabrina was eliminated on Part 1;

Part 1

First individual challenge

Gail – 87  (score from the judges)

Sabrina – 70

Nona – 67

Jillian – 65

Russell – 100

Trev – 62

Wow – Sabrina was sent home!

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  1. I liked sabrinia .she was good trev should have got voted off he blows .. sabrina come back …. they need you .. and your the only reason that i liked to watch the show .at least someone can tell off them bitches

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