Hell’s Kitchen November 24 2010 Who was kicked off 11/24/10 Results

Hell’s Kitchen November 24, 2010 is another episode of Chef Ramsay’s reality show. Three ladies and two guys remain but at the end of the show, one of them will be leaving. Who will be the next to get kicked off Hell’s Kitchen 11/24/10?

Passion and talent are needed to win the competition, and the contestants must prove that they have those qualities. Chef Ramsay will be asking them to prepare and serve their signature dishes in food trucks. The will be selling their dishes to downtown LA lunch crowd. Will the people be satisfied with their meal? The winner of this challenge will get a Beverly Hills makeover by Jose Eber, a celebrity stylist, and Steven Cojocaru, a fashion guru.

After the challenge, dinner service is up next where Chef Ramsay gets pushed to the edge because of not so good performances of the chefs.

Only four will make it next week. Who won’t make it and be asked to take off the jacket?

Updates and results will be here once again. You can find out here who got kicked off Hell’s Kitchen November 24, 2010 results.

Update: Gail is eliminated!

Gail nominated, Trev nominated

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