Hell’s Kitchen November 3 2010 Who was kicked off 11/3/10 Results

Hell’s Kitchen November 3, 2010 tonight will be a replay of their 100th episode, where the 9 chefs still compete. If you haven’t watched this yet or want to see it again, then it will be aired at 8pm on Fox. Supposedly, the time slot is for the World Series but since the Giants won, the game has finished.

So, the episode will have the contestants buy ingredients for four dishes and they have 45 minutes to cook these dishes. There will be judges who decided how much they are willing to pay for a meal. The red team won this challenge, getting the highest total.

This episode also feature the past winners of Hell’s Kitchen as guests. They experienced how to be served and order food for the dinner service, where the blue team were kicked out by Chef Ramsay.

The episode ended with a cliffhanger though after Boris was eliminated. He asked Trev to step forward and that’s what we will find out next week.

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