Hell’s Kitchen October 13 2010 Who was kicked off 10/13/10 Results

Hell’s Kitchen October 13, 2010 is another two-hour episodes. The nine remaining chefs will complete challenges and dinner service once again. Who among the chefs will get into Chef Ramsay’s nerves and get kicked off on Hell’s Kitchen 10/13/10?

The reality show celebrates its 100th episode tonight. But, expect tensions to arise as the competition heats up. They must work together this time. What would be their challenges? The first one is to create a dish using five randomly selected ingredients. The winning team will go to Las Vegas as a prize. Will it be the Blue team again this time?

Meanwhile, for the dinner service, the teams will shop on a budget and they must transform four classic ingredients into an elegant one to be served later on. Expect the unexpected tonight on the show.

Will Sabrina be finally eliminated this time, or will it be Boris? The two always seem to get nominated every time their teams lost. Do you have any guesses as who will get eliminated? Please be back here on this site as this will be updated for who got kicked off Hell’s Kitchen October 13, 2010 results.

Updates: No one was kicked off on Part 1; Boris was eliminated on Part 2


Nomination time – Nona and Rob nominated

No one was eliminated.

Challenge – judges will estimate the price each dish deserves

Red team won – having a total of $110 for their food while the Blue team’s food have a total price of $101

Dinner Service – past winners were the guests

Blue team has to nominate two from the team. First one nominated was Boris

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